2022…are we starting to wake up yet?

Like many of you I have been looking at the news unfolding around the world over the last 2 years in a state of disbelief.

Most people in the western world have been effected by what is referred to as Mass Formation Psychosis. This has been caused by Governments and Main Stream Media repeatedly frightening us with information and figures about a disease that is killing large numbers of the population.

In the UK by December 2021 the number of deaths attributed to Covid 19 disease reached over 156,000 deaths in the two years 2020 and 2021. Due to issues over how they were classifying Covid deaths someone asked the Office for National Statistics what the figures really were…it turned out that the real figures were just over 6,000. Suddenly the Government briefings stopped along with the nightly reports of thousands of deaths and infections.

6,000 is far fewer than die each year from the flu…just to be clear, deaths from seasonal flu are normally between 10,300 and 27,000 every year…and we are only offered a flu vaccine if we fall into a vulnerable group. So why are we all being pushed into getting 2 or 3 shots of an experimental new drug for Covid 19? Why are they insisting our children need the drug as well? They have perfectly good Immune systems and the virus poses no threat to them. All this for a virus that our immune systems can fight in 99.9% of cases without any help from injections.

This hypnoses, which is what it is, has been going on for two years, it has created a belief in us that we need to stay away from friends and family to save them from harm and to rush along and get the miracle cure injection that will protect us from the disease and our loved ones… »Doing the right thing«  has been rammed down our throats at every opportunity. Oh and we need to prove we have had the injections by having a Pass…that we can use to go to a restaurant or the theatre, or a bar. The odd thing is the Government and Pfizer even admitted that the ’vaccines‘ don’t stop you catching Covid 19 and they don’t prevent you spreading it…so they are not vaccines then! and why do you need a Pass? The unvaccinated actually have far better immunity especially after contracting Covid 19, it lasts for life!

What happened to our free democratic society? Why are we all being isolated, manipulated and divided?

Based on the level of threat from the virus, doesn’t that all sound a bit excessive? Is the response proportional? Did we really need to be locked down for all those months…Did we need to loose all those businesses? Peoples livelihoods? And nose dive the economy? Did we need to spend all those billions of tax payers money on protective equipment? and paying people to stay at home? Why are the same techniques being used to suppress us in all western democracies? you have to look at what is guiding all these so called democracies to suppress the people…the common theme that keeps cropping up is the World Ecconomic Forum (WEF) which is run by Claus Schwab. He bragged in 2017 that he had influencers in every government…his youth program produced leaders like Macron in France, Trudeau in Canada, Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand, Angela Merkel in Germany and Tony Blair in the UK, to name just a few. But the reach of the WEF goes much deeper than just government leaders and politicians, it has infiltrated police forces, pharmaceutical companies, large multi national businesses, tech companies, the main stream media, and it controls, WHO, NATO and the UN. The Davos group are also part of the picture they represent the wealthiest individuals on the planet…it is all very dark indeed.

You need to ask yourself these questions…because at the moment we are loosing our freedom of movement, thoughts and way of life.

This whole stage managed Covid 19 roll out has nothing to do with our health…it is all about controlling us…If you are in any doubt, start reading the Pfizer documents they have just been forced to disclose.

The numbers of deaths from the vaccines and the list of initial side effects are truly frightening, the long term prognosis is not very promising either. It is all so far from helping us get over a virus, maybe they were Bioweapons…to reduce world population and solve climate change in one stroke…the idea is not so far fetched when you hear about BioWeapon labs in the Ukraine.

It doesn’t take a genius to join up some of these dots…if humanity dosent join forces, unite our differences and stand up to this tyrannical bid to take over the world we will all end up like China, QR code carrying zombies.

Please support the Freedom convoys and marches around the world…send them your love and protection, they are peaceful protestors…don’t believe the main stream media’s propaganda that has been created to discredit them… and don’t get angry that they maybe blocking the road you want to travel on… just remember what they are protesting for…your FREEDOM. As a postscript to this, the war in Ukraine has now taken centre stage, which has moved our focus away from all the uncomfortable issues surrounding Covid, how very convenient for Western governments. The next installment of the Great Reset will be about the banks crashing and food rationing, you will all need a QR code pass to access your money and to buy food. Control…sound familiar? Oh, and there will be another vaccine required for the next virus that according to Bill Gates will be produced much quicker next time.

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