Meditation Mondays…

I am starting a weekly Monday Meditation group at 7pm (19h French Time) or 6pm (18h UK) to send out love and light to the world. The intention is to raise human consciousness and the planets vibration to support the ascension process. This is a way of doing something positive towards helping everyone rise above what is currently happening all over the world. I will send out links to guided meditations for those that wish to use them, or you can use your own method with the intension set as above.You can do this on your own or with your family, but the point is to send out the same message at the same time from as many people as we can. To join in just send me a quick e-mail to to say who is participating, then I can send you useful information and the links to guided meditations. I am setting up an online Zoom group starting in January 2022 for anyone who would like to join in…just register in the contact box on my website and I will send out the Zoom link…Wishing you all a very Happy New Year as we move into 2022. This could well be the ascension year for humanity, the next ascension portal opens from 30th December to 18th January, so if you are at all sensitive you may have been feeling this unfolding since the middle of December. Sending out Love and Light to you all…Claire xxx


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