What do you believe in?

Some people particularly the young believe in Father Christmas…he brings gifts and is a jolly soul who dashes about the world on Christmas Eve being pulled through the sky by a full complement of flying reindeer…who wouldn’t want to believe in that!

But that isn’t the reason for todays post, although it is quite topical as it is Christmas Eve. I really meant what do you believe in that you can’t really confirm in a scientific sense? Do you believe that Jesus was even born, as it is supposed to be his birthday we are celebrating this week? Do you believe he came to earth to save everyones souls? or that he rose from the dead and ascend to heaven? It does take a lot of faith to believe all that, especially as it all allegedly happened over 2000 years ago…

These days most of the traditional religions are struggling to fill their places of worship, but there is a huge surge in spirituality. This points to our need to have some form of faith or belief system, but the traditional religions are not providing that service to the many who want to believe in something. A lot of people will say they believe in God, but most people don’t want all the stuff that goes with going to church, or a mosque, or temple.

During this turbulent time in human history, we all need faith, we need to have something to believe in. But the old traditional belief systems are struggling to provide the required guidance, they have also historically been used as methods to control the masses with all their rules and indoctrinations. So where does that leave everyone….wondering what to believe in.

We all need to start realising that Spirituality is a more free form system of belief, in all forms I have come across God is still the Man or Woman to have faith in…but everyones vision and idea of God is different. I prefer to call that being the Creator, the Creator of the universe, not just our planet or Solar system. Spirituality gives us a more individual way of having faith, the feeling we are talking directly with the Creator seems an easier step somehow, when it is not caught up in the rituals and services of tradition. I personally believe in what is referred to as The Law of One…these are teachings that were originally given to the Egyptians by RA the Sun God when Akhenaten was Pharaoh. It was quite a revolutionary thing back then and when his son Tutankhamen took over he reversed everything his father had tried to achieve.

Believing in the Law of One is very simple, one God, that we are all energetically connected to, or a part of, and therefore the understanding that everything and everyone is connected. We are all One. When you start to think about it on a scientific or physics level, everything is energy and everything is connected…Einstein told us that. It is not a new concept, and it can be proved scientifically. So to believe in something that has a basis in our current understanding of facts, is far less of a stretch in our beliefs.

The concept of us all being a part of God certainly makes more sense to me. The analogy of God as a person and us all being cells that are part of that body is a way to put it in perspective. All the bodies cells work in harmony and keep the body functioning correctly, the body in turn is energetically creating the right environment for all the cells to thrive.

A lot of our belief systems have so many things in common it makes sense that they are all based on the same original concept. It is our inherent need to believe in something bigger than ourselves is human nature. Something to ponder on over this holiday, as we celebrate the birth of Gods son. The most important thing is to believe in something, to have some form of faith, we all need that more than anything this Christmas.

I have created a range of Archetypal Flower Essences that help you to grow spiritually and help you to come to terms with your belief system. You can purchase them on my website at http://www.trinitefloweressences.com where you can also book a 15 minute free consultation where I can help you decide which essences you may need.


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