Live in the moment…

There are many Spiritual practices that we should try and live by, whoever or whatever system of belief we may follow. The one I would like to talk about today is living in the moment. This really means to live every moment to its fullest extent, so that you are not thinking of past issues or events, or what may happen in the future. Enjoy the moment you are in now, focus on what you are doing at this moment, be thoughtful of what you are doing.

Another word for this way to live is called Mindfulness. This practice is used in Buddhism and the word has become a trendy word banded about by marketeers to help sell things and sound on point.

So why is it important to practice Mindfulness or living in the moment? Because you are expending unnecessary energy and emotions on things that have either happened, so you can’t change it, or things that may never happen in the future. Both of these are a waste of your energy.

The other important point about reliving past issues, or playing out future scenarios in your head, is that the energy you are giving away is going to the situation or people that are in those issues and scenarios. That process is making them more powerful energetically, because you are giving your energy to them.

We should focus on the here and now, keep our energy focused on our reality…as that is where we do have an input. We are constantly choosing what we are doing and by making our hearts decide what is happening is a far more spontaneous way of being and far more likely to be in tune with our true life purpose and bring us joy.

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