Interesting times…we made the choice to be here at this time in Earths history

We are living in a world where governments who are supposed to represent the people, look after the people and ensure their safety are actually going out of their way to control us and even destroy us. We have been subjected to lockdowns and isolation tactics that are military grade conditioning techniques to instill fear and gain control of the people. All the while the politicians in parliament are having parties and breaking all the rules they are applying to the country.

That is all before you start talking about the policy to inject everyone with an experimental drug, that they are calling a vaccine to get around the law. They are also calling it a pandemic, despite the UK Governments own website declaring Covid 19 was not a threat in 2020. The reason is that they can apply all sorts of emergency rules…including rolling out ´vaccinations’ to help protect the people from a virus that has a survival rate of 99.98%. Something wrong with the proportionality of that. Just so we are clear on a point of law, you cannot sue a vaccination manufacturer, another reason for calling the trial drug a vaccine.

It is not a vaccine, and we should have been informed of the facts before it was put into our arms. We should have been told that it alters our DNA. We should have been told what it contains, getting to the bottom of that is not clear, and seems to be impossible to get access to. We should have been told that it stops our ability to fight Covid 19 naturally by effecting our own bodies response and ability to produce antibodies…and for any other infection or virus we may be exposed to in future. We should have been told it could cause a heart attack or stroke. And sadly as it is an experimental drug we do not know anything about the long term effects.

But what this means in a legal sense is that no one has given informed consent for the injection(s) as they were not given all the information beforehand. It is totally against the Geneva Convention to perform medical experiments on anyone without informed consent. Our human rights have been totally violated.

We have all been brain washed into thinking we were doing the right thing to be vaccinated, to protect others we were told. Finally they are owning up to its inability to protect us from catching Covid, or spreading it….so how can we possibly be helping to protect others by taking the jab? So that is all a lie.

All of those who have decided they don’t want their bodies injected with a trial drug are being vilified for it, being accused of risking the health of those who have had the jab, being refused admission to restaurants, bars, cafes and a social life, unable to travel for absolutely no reason. Please don’t ever forget the last war and what ‘showing your pass’ meant. This whole thing has nothing to do with a Pandemic, it is more like Plandemic as a lot of the protesters are quoting, banners held high by marchers who are fighting to save humanity from the Tyrannical Governments all around the world who are imposing psychological warfare on their people.

We are now being told that the new varient ´Omnicrom’ from South Africa is so dangerous and infectious we must all have a booster quick sharp! ….pardon? Do you mean that mild version? where no one is hospitalised in South Africa and the symptoms are no worse than a cold? Another lie, no doubt to hide all the deaths being caused by the « vaccine « .

So what is going on? ….why are we being subjected to all this indoctrination and poisoning…it is certainly making Big Pharma rich…and when we are told in Europe by the President of the EU we all have to be vaccinated…and her husband is the CEO of Pfizer…you start to wonder how can that conflict of interest be allowed to happen?

How is it that governments all over the world seem to be working off the same hymn sheet…is it maybe that they are being controlled by a higher power? Who is pulling the strings? The World Health Organisation (WHO) ? The World Economic Forum (WEF) Thé World Banks (all but two are owned by the same family) The Oil Barons, Big Pharma, The Media Moguls, Space Explorers, the Tech Giants and a few very wealth eventually comes down to a very small elite group of people who are really in charge…and we the masses have been played!

But, and here is the good news…they have already lost the game…they lost it on the Winter Solstice of 2012…they cannot change the future. As much as they try to gain control of the world and wipe out half the worlds population, their riches will not save them in the end. I am talking about Ascension, and for those unfamiliar with the term it is about planet earths shift from 3rd Dimension to the 4th Dimension. This event is 26,000 years in the making and technically we are already in the 4th Dimension. We have about 8 more years for those who are going to ascend, to do so. The lifting of the veil has started, and more and more people are waking up to what is happening around them and wanting to change their futures.

The Elites are obviously hanging on to the old system of controlling the masses…which is very 3rd Dimension…but they cannot change our future. We are going into a new world where everyone works together in harmony with each other and the planet, operating at a much higher vibration or consciousness and where we help each other to live happy positive and fulfilled lives. The transition will not be easy…and no doubt we will have some struggles ahead, but, it comes down to a fight between good and evil…and like most good stories and myths…the good will win in the end.

If you have managed to read to this point in my outpouring, thank you. I am very conscious that a lot of people need help to raise their vibration and to prepare themselves for Ascension. I have produced a range of Flower Essences called Archetype Essences to help people process what is going on in their lives and deal with any issues they need to before they transition. You can buy them on my website I also offer free 15 minute consultations and readings for those who are unsure which Essences they might need, again you can book those on my website or email me for more information at This is a very rare event we are all about to witness, we chose to be here at this time in history, so there is a reason you are here, wishing you many blessings for the next few months and years.


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