An energetic protest…

As an energy therapist I have become increasingly alarmed at what is going on in the world today… where ever you stand about what is going on, most people are realizing that something strange is happening on a global scale.

I am sure for those who have had an extreme case of the virus will wonder why there is a growing army of people saying that the vaccination is a bad idea…but we really don’t know the long term effects of the vaccine. The thought that it could be causing capillary sized blood clots in us which in the long term will cause parts of our bodies to die is quite frightening. When I had my first vaccine there was little publicity about the adverse side effects..,but there now seems to be more information out there and quite frankly I wish I had not had it. I certainly will not be having another one, the reaction I had was very unpleasant…

I always question the motives when I am being forced to do something…it should be everyone’s personal choice whether they are vaccinated or not. To be told you can’t go shopping, eat in a restaurant or even work without having the Covid vaccination makes me very uncomfortable. Especially when it transpires that statistically you are more likely to die or have serious complications from having the vaccine as opposed to the virus.

Interestingly the FDA would not disclose one of the Pfizer vaccine ingredients it turns out it was water…20% of the vaccine is water. Now to most people that would appear innocuous, but to me as a flower essence producer I have to ask; what was the water charged with? Obviously there was something that effected me energetically for the worse…I went totally cold and for three weeks was very unwell. There are various theories coming to light, and certainly you can be sure they are not in your best interests.

I am very fortunate to have my flower essences to recalibrate my energy and get rid of the negativity that was in the vaccine…what physical side effects await me only time will tell.

The worldwide protest that is happening today is a good way for anyone who wants to make clear they are unhappy about what is going on in the world on what ever level that effects them. It is only 21 minutes…a good time for a walk in nature or to meditate!

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