Sweet smelling protection from Honeysuckle

Here is another of my summer flower essences…Honeysuckle. It is a protector, this wonderful plant that has such a heady scent, it protects you from other peoples negativity. It also helps us to stop living in the past, where we have an inflated view of how wonderful everything was back then.

This is another essence in Dr Bach’s collection, although I have used the Common Honeysuckle, Lonicera pericylmenum, which has more yellow/ white flowers than the variety he used, Lonicera caprifolium, which is redder/ orange and much less common. The interpretation of what the two varieties of Honeysuckle Flower Essence do are very similar, although I feel the emphasis is different.

Have a look at my latest Vlog which explains more about it…just click on the link below…


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