Fennel adds variety to your life…

Here is my latest Summer Flower Essence Vlog about the herb Fennel. It explains about the herb and what it does energetically as a flower essence.

6 responses to “Fennel adds variety to your life…”

  1. Ah, this used to be naturalized in the Santa Clara Valley. It grew wild on the perimeters of the orchards, and on top of the banks of the creeks. The seeds were used to flavor pickles, like dill. Yet, as abundant as it was, it was not often eaten. Goodness, there were so many vegetables growing wild that we just ignored back then. The aroma of the foliage reminds me so much of summer in the Santa Clara Valley back then! I would grow it in my garden just for the aroma! Does that count as an essence? The aroma need not be strong, although it can be when the weather is warm. It is best when the soil is also aromatic. It just goes well with the soil of the Santa Clara Valley. It is not native, but should be. Incidentally, it happens to be one of the few herbs that I would like to find more uses for in the future, when I can resume gardening.

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    1. Thanks for your comments Tony…always much appreciated! Why can’t you garden at the moment? Hope you are OK?

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      1. It is a LONG story! To be brief, I should cut back on some of my work, but do not want to. It is all so much fun, and also difficult to find someone to replace me.

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      2. Indispensable? just cheap. No one can afford to live here on what such work pays.

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