Intoxicating Lavender makes a wonderful Summer Flower Essence

The perfume that rushes up to meet you when you brush past a Lavender bush can be intoxicating. Why it has become synonymous with our grandmother’s and not everyone is beyond me.

As a flower essence it is all about calming you down…see my latest vlog to hear all about it. Just click on the link below.


3 responses to “Intoxicating Lavender makes a wonderful Summer Flower Essence”

  1. ?! My grandmothers grew no lavender. My maternal grandmother grew plenty of lilac though. That is the fragrance I remember most from her garden. What I like most about some of the lavenders, particularly Spanish lavender, is that it is one of the only non-native genera that reminds me of the Santa Clara Valley. It is is right at home in a chaparral climate. In this region, just a few miles away, Spanish lavender actually naturalizes. I know, . . . you will remind me that I really should try essences, rather than just indirectly enjoying their foliar aromas.

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    1. You get the energy from plants just by sitting next to them, particularly when they are in flower…that is why flower essences are effective because you are capturing that energy so you can use it all year around. In the Uk it is a bit of a joke about English Lavender fragrance and Grannies! I just love the smell…but then I am old enough to be a Grannie!!😂😂😂

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      1. In California, cedar closets are something of a joke, because they were made of native incense ceder rather than the Eastern red cedar (juniper) that closets in the east and cedar chests are outfitted with. Nonetheless, it is a aroma, although not floral, that many of us remember. Young people are likely to paint (GASP!) such closets because they do not know what they are. Wool is rare, and furs are vilified.

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