Energy…the basics of healing

In order to heal energetically…it is worth knowing a few of the facts…this month I am doing a series of quick video lessons on the basics of how it all works…the first one is out now, the basics of Energy.

4 responses to “Energy…the basics of healing”

  1. Energy is the part that can be difficult to be receptive to after relying on the physical. I mean, after using plant parts medicinally, and expecting them to work chemically, it is not easy to rely on their energy. Yet, many people do it regularly without thinking about it. For example, by enjoying trees in nature.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Tony…your point about people enjoying nature is a great one!

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      1. You are welcome . . . but I am still working on the ‘receptivity’ aspect of essences. I enjoy working with horticulture, but lack the mindfulness about it.

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      2. (Oh my! Now I am confusing myself!)

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