Agrimony for inner turmoils

Agrimony is the ‘I’m alright jack’ essence, for those who are not OK. They hide their inner turmoils from everyone…

2 responses to “Agrimony for inner turmoils”

  1. Hi Tony
    Always best to make a flower essence when you are really drawn to a particular plant…as that will be the one you need at that time. The beauty of making flower essences, is that you are saving the flowers energy, so you can use it when the flower is not in bloom and you need its help! 😉 all the best.


  2. ‘Burs’ got my attention. However, agrimony does not live here. The burs that stick to Rhody’s fur are something else.
    I still have not tried an essence of the Saint John’s wort that lives here. (It is not Hypericum perforatum, but another species.) I have not had a need to. Besides, there is presently no bloom. Foliage can be used for tinctures, but for an essence, I would prefer to do it properly with flowers. I must also like to do it when I am receptive to the benefits of an essence, and not while so distracted.


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