New Range of Therapy Blended Flower Essence:

I am just launching my new range of Blended Flower Essences…it has taken me a while to get them all up together! That is why I haven’t been posting blogs for a while…

My new range is aimed at everyone who is and has been struggling with the unusual situation we find our world has become in the last few months. For many of us it has been a very difficult time with separation and anxiety issues, grief and loss for loved ones and many sleepless nights, just a few of the emotions we have been experiencing.

I have just created a new am website to accommodate these new essences so if you are interested in getting hold of one of these natural energy healers…visit my new site at they are all retailing at 10.99 euro each plus postage…

Wishing you all the best for the New Normal. We are entering a new and ‘changed for the better’ world where the caring professions are no longer the under valued…and the masses have started to realise they hold the power. Interesting times ahead.


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