Winter…but the right flower appears

We have had such a strange year weather wise…like a lot of the world. Here in South West France Autumn is normally a wonderful time of year, sunny warm and dry…but this year although it has been mild it has been so wet and grey…Such a pity we couldn’t send some of that rainfall to Australia. The effect at the moment is that the grass is still growing and some plants that would normally have died back in the frosts are still alive and well.

I managed to break a leg in August and am still recovering…hobbling about on one crutch at the moment. The advantage is that I am looking down most of the time and going slowing…so looking for flowers is something I can do.  Here is a little gem that is still flowering and helping the bees that are still buzzing about…Red Clover, (Trifolium fragiferum).

It is a great essence for use in emergencies, it keeps us calm and centred, reducing fear and panic in our emotional response to disasters, conflicts, accidents and situations where mass hysteria is taking hold…another thing to send to Australia at the moment.



One response to “Winter…but the right flower appears”

  1. I might have guessed this one. Naturalized meadows of red clover have this effect too, even without knowing about essences. It is such a delightful cover crop.


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