Video introducing my new book

After a few years of frustration I have finally finished my book. I had no idea it would be so tricky…even when I had finally finished the copy, I still had weeks of formatting, setting up a publishing site on Amazon and learning how to upload my book.

I was really keen to get the book out there for Christmas, and to sell it at a low price, so that everyone who is interested can afford it.

My next challenge is to get a printed version of it uploaded, another learning curve as that has to be formatted differently…so sometime in January there will be a printed version available on Amazon, but it will not be at the current Kindle low price. The problem with writing about Flower Essences is that everyone needs to see the flowers…that involves colour printing, which will add to the production costs. But as a reference book many people will prefer it in print.


6 responses to “Video introducing my new book”

  1. “Flowers are the culmination of the plant’s energetic reproduction processes.” Are there foliar essences?
    Are essences destroyed in the processes of using plants chemically rather than spiritually? I mean, for example, if make tea with Saint John’s wort, I suspect that the essence is destroyed in the process. I suppose that would depend on one’s receptiveness to it. I know that what I get from interacting with something as simple as Saint John’s wort in the garden is very different from the chemical benefits of tea made from it. If essence is not chemical, than it could survive the process, . . . oh, this is getting confusing.


    1. Hi Tony…there are two ways to make flower essences and ‘capture’ the energy statement of the plant. First is the Sun Method which uses the sun’s energy to transfer the flowers energy into the water it is sitting in, it is the water that holds the energy like a battery. The second method is similar to making a tincture or tea, called the Boiling Method. The flowers (this can include some foliage) are placed in water and boiled to transfer the energy, then strained when the water is cool. The methods are explained fully in my book if you want to start making them! These are the methods that Dr Bach used, and are the accepted ways to make essences nowadays. I am a great believer in trying new things…so if you feel you can make foliar essences…have a go and see if you get the right feelings from the essences. Just a safety note though…if you are using the Boiling Method you have to be sure the plant is not poisonous, or will cause a reaction. Examples to avoid would be Dogs Mercury or Digitalis as you could be making poisons. This is really why I normally just make essences by the Sun Method, it is safe.
      To answer your point about using plants chemically, the act of making a tea would not destroy the energetic statement of the flower/plant/ foliage/ root as long as it is freshly picked (not dried). But when pharmaceutical companies get hold of plants they extract the active ingredient, and discard the rest, so this would not include the energetic statement of the plant. I suspect the process of extraction would also destroy any beneficial energetic properties. Hope this helps…Cx

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      1. Boiling or steeping is acceptable? I find that surprising. I know it works chemically, which is why we make tea. However, it does not seem like a ‘gentle’ process. I mean, I can do it with herbs that I want to extract some sort of ‘chemicals’ component from, but it seems like the process would destroy the energy statement. Perhaps I should not be surprised. I mean, after all there are some components of tea that we can still recognize in hot tea. The aroma of some plant parts is still very distinct. If the aroma survives, it makes sense that other aspect do as well.


  2. This might have been posted twice. The video is on right now. I clicked it on a previous post. I needed to back it up a bit because I don’t hear very well.

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    1. Sorry, the sound was not great!! I need to use a microphone in future…I am hopeless doing videos

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      1. The sound was likely adequate. I do not hear very well. I am an arborist.


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