Red flag foods that cause intollerances part 2

Here are the second batch of food and beverage items that may cause you digestive and auto-immune problems.

Alcohol; The occasional glass of red wine offers you a boost of antioxidants, but in general all alcohol consumption increases the production of the C-reactive protein. This is this protein that is used in blood tests to establish the level of inflammation in someones body. Many alcoholic drinks contain high levels of sugar, and they are often mixed with sugary mixers. This causes problems with blood sugar levels, causing headaches and suppressing the immune system. In laboratory situations, pure alcohol is used to clean away bacteria, so is it any wonder that alcohol kills your gut flora, the bacterial biome that helps you digest food. Without the gut flora, your intestines are prone to leaky gut, which puts huge strain on your immune system and increases inflammation in the body.

Citrus Foods; Oranges, grapefruit, clementines, tangerines, satsumas, pomelos, and to some extent lemons and limes.

Animal products (mass produced grain fed); meat including beef, chicken, lamb, pork, turkey, goat, eggs, dairy, gelatine


Processed Foods;


Nightshade family;

Please note; I am not a doctor, and as such cannot give anyone medical advice on their condition. As a Holistic Therapist and Chef I can provide you with general information about diet, supplements and natural treatments. Please do your own homework when taking any supplements or changing your diet, and consult your medical practitioner to be sure you are safe, especially if you are taking any medication, have a medical condition, are pregnant or a nursing mother.


2 responses to “Red flag foods that cause intollerances part 2”

  1. Some citrus fruits do damage teeth if eaten to excess….especially the more acidic ones. The main point really is moderation in everything…a few citrus fruits occasionally will not be a real issue (unless you suffer from some specific conditions like Arthritis) but they do draw calcium, magnesium and potassium from our bodies, so if eaten to excess will deplete the body. Which is why it is worth noting that Lemons and Limes are great for detoxing….but you don’t want to be eating them all the time.


  2. Back when I grew citrus trees, my dentist told me I should not eat so much grapefruit, not because it was unhealthy, but because it etched my teeth.


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