Message from Morning Glory

Morning Glory or Ipomoea Convolvulaceae in Latin is the cultivated form of the weed we love to hate in the garden called “Bind Weed”…and like it’s unruly cousin it grows rampantly smothering everything in it’s path if it gets a chance. However, in the mornings it puts on its display of saucer shaped flowers the bees love. As an essence it is very similar really, it helps you to make the most of all the opportunities that come your way. It fires up belief in you, giving you purpose and helps you to see your way forwards clearly. Just like the plant which is constantly scrambling up to the light.


One response to “Message from Morning Glory”

  1. Even though I do not use essences, I do enjoy the morning glory. The perennial blue dawn flower can be an invasive weed, like bindweed, but much bigger! The annuals do not grow very big here, but have such nice colors and patterns. They have such personality.

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