Messages from Flowers

Through all the work I have done over the last 20 odd years with Flower Essences I have come to realise that they are desperately trying to communicate with us to tell us how they can improve our lives, make us well, help us understand our situations, guide us spiritually and bring us joy. I recently posted some adverts on Facebook about what some individual flowers are say to us…so thought I would expand on it in my blog….there are many people who can hear what they are saying, so I am not unique, but I have discovered that it is a gift I have and one that everyone can learn with time and patience.

So today’s Flower is the Marigold or Calendula officinalis 

They tell me that they have a very calming effect on the soul, they help us in times of transition like being born, getting married, having our own children, changing job or lifestyle. They assist us adjust as we get older, helping us deal with the aging process, coping with the effects of illness or disability and finally they help us to leave our bodies. In India they are used in rituals all the time… we drink Calendula Tea to calm us…and the Flower Essence works in the same way…to calm our souls.


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