Categorizing your Flower Essences


For the best part of 80 years anyone who has come across Flower Essences, decided to use or make them will have read something about the essences of Dr. Edward Bach, the modern day creator.  My summary of his work is made with great apology to his memory, as we are really not sure what he really believed when we look back in time. Most of what has been written on his creation is other people’s interpretation of what he did. He destroyed his own records so we are going on what his assistants, in particular Nora Weeks, recalled at the time and what current producers of his official range say as their interpretation of them. For that at least, we are grateful, and should he have lived longer his views may well have developed further.

As for me I am not an expert on Dr Bach, but after 20 years of working with them, I do have my own views on Flower Essences. My take on his initial 12 essences he called “Healers” which he related to personality types and  believed that we all fell into one of them, are really the same thing or at the very least very similar to astrological signs of the zodiac. They also have “personality types” for each sign and I have looked at matching up the Healer Types with Zodiac signs and several do seem to be very obvious; Aquarius and Water Violet, Cancer and Chicory, Libra and Scleranthus for instance.

But this doesn’t really get us further forwards. As a bit like the Zodiac signs, the variations in human personality are huge, how can we be simply pigeon-holed into one of the 12 types? If you take astrology, our personality is not just governed by which month we are born; it is by the place, date and time of our birth, so the planetary configuration is almost specific to us as individuals. Dr Bach was interested in healing personality types with Flower Essences that mimicked the personality and helped keep them on track and eventually helping them reach their “awakening” so to speak. He talked about the white or light, which I interpret as helping people to become “Light Workers”, this phrase is often used today and really means raising people’s vibration so that they are more in touch with their Higher Self and therefore able to do good in the world by raising the mass unconscious we talked about earlier. This simple process for an individual may seem insignificant, but if multiply it by hundreds of thousands of people all doing the same thing and raising the mass unconscious, it has a huge effect on the planets consciousness. This is really how an advancing civilisation works; the “Light Workers” are raising everyone’s consciousness.

The view I came to about Flower Essences, is that they all help us on that path to the light, in some form or another and we need a whole range of them to sort out our human states, be it classified by Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual states, or by our Chakra energy centres.  I have categorized my essences by both of these and as the process of healing tends to be from the physical/ base chakra to the spiritual/ crown chakra, I have listed my essences in that order, peeling back the onion skins again! So each Chakra has a spread of essences that work on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual states and as you go up the Chakras the essences become less physical and emotional and more mental and spiritual, raising your vibration all the while.

The other thing I find difficult to fathom, is that how can Dr Bach’s 38 different essences be the only way of healing us when there are so many different plants and flowers in the world?, and many more still yet to be discovered.  Other producers have made different flower essences ranges to great effect, some from specific regions of the world, like Australia or types of plants like Orchid’s. So I suggest you follow you own heart when making essences, what is right for you? We are not privy to the shamans’ knowledge from thousands of years ago, although through the mass unconscious we are perhaps being guided to understanding their value and how to best use them. In effect this is a new area of energetic medicine that is still being developed, and at the moment in the hands of a few serious producers around the world…I believe it should be a mainstream healing technique and work in tandem with modern medicine. Reiki has started to bridge the gap as doctors are starting to realise the benefits of energy therapy, next up….FLOWER ESSENCES!


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