So, what are Flower Essences?

This Blog should have been my first Blog really…so I feel at this stage, for anyone who has been reading my Blogs…I should have covered this subject before!

So, Flower Essences are a very simple method of capturing the energetic pattern or statement of a plant.

All plants have a unique energy statement. This is not to be confused with the chemical make-up of a plant, so often used in medicine. Because the process of extracting the energetic statement from the plant is harmless, potentially any plant can be used, which is not the case with essential oils, homeopathy and herbalism.

The culmination of a plants growth is it’s flower, so energetically it encapsulates the plants “raison d’etre “,it is this part of the plant that is used to make an essence. The energy statement is then saved in a water and alcohol solution to preserve the essence of the flower. Contrary to what a lot of people think, flower essences do not smell fragrant at all, they just smell of the alcohol used, which is normally brandy.

Each plants energy statement has an effect on our energy, should we need that plants help. If we don’t, then nothing happens. They are completely harmless and you cannot overdose on them. They work in simple terms by rebalancing your energy with the stable energy of the plant. So if you are feeling anxious for instance, the appropriate plant would stabilise that emotion and reduce the anxiety. They are instant in their healing and re-balancing properties, but they are very subtle, so in our example, for us to lose our feeling of anxiety, the essences would need to be taken over a 3- 4 week period to re-educate our body’s responses to prevent the feelings of anxiety.

Flower Essences work on our energy bodies at a Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical level as well as our auric bodies, where old patterning can be held. I have categorized my essences in this way to help identify which level they are healing and re-balancing, but more on that later in Chapter 2.

The range of energy statements from plants is vast, you only need to think about the number of different plants in the world to realise the potential healing properties out there yet to be discovered.

Historically Flower Essences have been used by native peoples all over the world, going back many millennia, and although they may not have been made in quite the same way, the principals are the same. Aborigines used mainly plant life to make their medicines including taking the dew from plants and flowers early in the morning … this is a flower essence, they also soaked plants in water to extract the healing properties, sometimes applying heat, again, these are flower essences.

Native Americans used similar processes to make their medicines, as did the Egyptians. The process of using plants for healing has been used by man since we became conscious beings, and arguably before that. But as time has gone on and we have developed our scientific knowledge plants have been “dismembered” and only the active ingredients have been extracted to be used for medicinal purposes.

My personal belief is that we have missed the whole point of what plants do. Within a plant there may well be the active ingredient that cures an illness, and as purely an active substance, it can be patented as a medicine. But without the rest of the plant that balances out that active ingredient, you can get side effects; effects that you would not get with taking the whole plant. But, please be aware I am not advocating taking whole plants to cure you, Herbalism is a wonderful form of healing, but it takes many years to become qualified and understand what plants are used where and when.

This is why Flower essences are safe, based on the methods of making them, the plant is removed and only the energy is captured.

In the 1930’s a British doctor by the name of Edward Bach started to make Flower Essences in a more ordered and scientific way, in effect he reinvented the modern Flower Essence. With his background as a medical doctor, who had spent many years developing and testing vaccines, a modern field of medicine in those days, and his keen interest in Homeopathy, he started to work with plants, in particular the flowers of plants to make his new form of medicine. He mistakenly thought that the Homeopathic community would support his ideas, as there was much in common and the methods he used initially were homeopathic procedures to make his first tinctures. As time went on he realised that the medical profession and the homeopathic community thought he was insane to be pursuing his new ideas, so he eventually made the process available to the general public…to help themselves, as they are harmless, but effective.

Initially he made 12 “Healing” essences that were as he saw it linked to the 12 personality types. These essences would help each personality type in their spiritual development. He then realised that there were a few cases where people had become shrouded by ways of being that masked their true personality types, so he produced 7 more “Helper” essences that removed those fixed ways of being. The finally he produced a further “Second” 19 essences that helped people deal with everyday issues and challenges. So in total he made 38 essences that are still available today from several different companies all over the world. They are still made by the same methods Dr. Bach used and there has been widespread research carried out on these Flower Essences to prove they do what is attributed to them.

Dr Bach was very precise, although he destroyed his own notes so no one can really check what he did do, other than to ask his assistants at the time, who were very protective of their employer. He was very observant about the total plant, not just the flower. For the 12 Healing Essences, he likened the personality types to the plants habits, which was also a way to identify which type someone was.
We will never know if he was guided spiritually to select the essences he did, or if he just studied the plants in detail, which would mean he would have had to study many, many plants and flowers to finalise his range. There is evidence that his first flower essence was his own personality type, and he then tried to think of people with other personality types to find the appropriate essences for them.

Today there are many Flower Essence producers all over the world following in Dr Bach’s steps, trying to make sense of what they are learning about plants, and trying work out what they do.
I am no exception to that, over the 20 years of working with essences, doing blind tests and developing my own essences in the last 7 years, it is patently clear that they have a profound effect on people, even if they may not realise it themselves. This can be very frustrating for practitioners, who know the client needs to carry on taking essences.

But as a producer I believe we make essences that help us on our spiritual paths. I have always found the flower seems to attract my attention or shout out to me, which means I need to make an essence of it, so maybe that was how Dr Bach found his essences?

The reason I am writing this book is to open people’s eyes to the potential resources we have at our feet and to encourage everyone to start making essences to help them expand their own personal spirituality. None of us are at the same point on our spiritual journey, even if you believe we are all aiming for the same goal, we all need different flower essences, singly or in combination to get us there, by helping us overcome the many and varied facets of being human.

So, onwards and upwards…

Flower featured is Evening Primrose…which promotes self confidence


2 responses to “So, what are Flower Essences?”

  1. Thanks for the feedback Tony….i am sure if people spend all their time with trees…they will definitely pick up on the energy.


  2. A few of the best arborists I have worked with this can attest to something like this in regard to the trees that they work with. They are not often as tuned in with the flowers, but they can sometimes tell you more than you want to know about the trees. I think that is why so many people enjoy going into the forest, whether or not they realize it (and maybe why some of us can enjoy the silence of the barren parts of the desert).

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