Dis-ease and preventing illness

Dis-ease, “that’s not how you spell it!” I hear you say. Well that is how I see the word, to me it means “Dis” or “not” at ease with yourself. That is the best way to describe illnesses and diseases…they are when your body is not at ease with itself. It is when your energetic levels are out of whack and out of balance and harmony.
My view is that when your personal energetic layers or auras are out of balance for any length of time, they affect your physical body and are the actual cause of illness and disease by triggering weakness within your DNA. The weakness in your DNA is generally caused by your own thought patterns over many years. I am sure you have heard it said that if you act young you stay young, that is so very true, as I will try to explain.
Scientists to this day do not really know why a cell divides, a process called “mitosis”, probably because it is not visible, so they can’t establish anything. They do not seem to accept our bodies could be triggered energetically to divide cells. I was taught over 20 years ago by a Buddhist Priest about how our bodies divide cells…and it is all done energetically. In the same way our DNA works in a double helix, our energy is constantly zig zagging up and down our chakras and aura layers in a double helix pattern, he called it our “Shadow DNA”. On each circuit of the energy our higher self, or our God self, takes a picture of our energetic state, it then triggers the cells to divide and replicates the energetic pattern that it has just photographed.
This has nothing to do with the physical changes in cell division we learnt at school…where the nucleus and chromosomes all double up and move to each side of the cell before it divides into two identical “daughter” cells. Bear in mind this is happening constantly and our bodies’ cells are being reproduced at a rate of about 50-70 billion a day in an average adult, about the same number that die each day. It is a difficult number to quantify because different cells in our bodies reproduce at different rates, our hearts cells for instance, hardly ever change, but blood cells are constantly being renewed. Establishing the total average number of cells in the human body is also virtually impossible, but it runs to many trillion, so the few billion cells that renew every day are a small fraction of the total.
The energetic “unseen “ element in the cell division, is effected by the “photo” of your energy state, so if you are feeling upbeat and young at heart, your new cells will also be upbeat and young at heart, you are actually keeping yourself physically young. Conversely, if you are feeling angry, depressed or anxious, that is the energetic state the new cells will adopt. This is one of the reasons it is so difficult to pull yourself out of a long term depression, because your body is constantly reinforcing the state. However, the energetic consequences over a long period of time from replicating cells with a poor energetic statement are bad for your health and cause “Dis-ease”.
As we have already discovered in this book, Flower Essences bring you back into balance and harmony on all energetic levels, so you can start to see now their true value in making your energetic state balanced. The “photo” taken will also be of balanced energy and the cell reproduction will continue in that state. It goes without saying that Flower Essences have a healing effect on your energy and therefore on your physical body, preventing and healing dis-ease.
One of my biggest rants is about the big pharmaceutical companies who tend to find “relief” for “symptoms” rather than find the cure for something. Call me cynical, but there is less money in curing people. They always insist on taking the moral high ground when it comes to what people are allowed to be prescribed as medicines. All the while they are poisoning us with a lot of the medicines they produce.

They extract the active ingredient from plants, as that is where most of our medicines come from and disregard the rest of the plant, or else they couldn’t patent it. They then chemically reproduce that and make their medicine, which then has to go through a series of tests to prove it will not cause major harm to the recipient and that it will do what the pharmaceutical company claims it does. Unfortunately, even with this process, drugs are approved that have quite serious side effects, and some are extremely dangerous. Do you read the “possible side effects” leaflet inside your medicines? It is worth doing.

If they were to use the whole plant in its entirety, which of course is something that can’t be patented, it would generally speaking protect you from the side effects. Nature has a habit of doing that. Maybe herbalists should be the first port of call; they make their own medicines and have a much better understanding what the plants do.

One of the most frightening health statistics about our world currently is that 1 in 3 of us will get some form of Cancer. I get completely hacked off about the fact there are nowadays very effective treatments for Cancer, but the pharmaceutical companies appear not to explore them, because in the main they cannot be patented. These economic solutions to cancer would detract from the income they are getting from the current “cures” that they are pushing onto us. A lot of the alternative treatments are natural, and they can’t make any money from that. So they carry on poisoning us…with chemotherapy a derivative of the chemical warfare industry and radiation that burns good cells along with the bad.

I watched my mother being literally burnt to death to kill off cancer cells, because they had spread, a bit like the scorched earth policy! She ended up completely black from the waist down to her thighs; no one should have to experience that. It is why I started to research alternatives and realized what my mother experienced was all for nothing and a change of diet could have been far more effective and may have saved her life.

All the Cancer Research that is being carried out with publicly funded donations, why is there no cure after all these years? is it all a lie?, is the money being wasted?, just think about all those fund raising efforts, all those marathons run, all those cake sales…is it all for nothing really?

I am sure you have heard this before; I have several times unfortunately;
You or your loved one gets the news they have cancer, before you even get a chance to think about what options you might have, you are being whisked off to have chemotherapy to reduce the cancer so it can be removed surgically. I am sure that the doctor you are seeing is very knowledgeable, but he or she has been taught to prescribe drugs, not to really understand your bodies’ way of healing, not about nutrition and certainly not about your bodies’ energy field.

Finally, when the whole process has finished which can take 6 months to a year…the doctor then tells you that you are “cured” following the chemotherapy, the operation and then the radiation. But what they fail to tell you is that the stem cells the core of your cancer is still alive and well, and about to swing back into action by spreading all over your body. Statistically, the likelihood of you surviving for more than 5 years after you start Chemotherapy is very slim. This is primarily because it destroys the one thing that will kill the stem cells and actually cure you of cancer…YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.

The real way to get rid of cancer is totally harmless and it also gets rid of the cancer stem cells, which Chemo and Radiation don’t…all in a month…all done with nutrition, oxygenation and relatively inexpensively. There is a clinic in Germany who promise and deliver just that. They use the same system as dialysis and take your own blood out on the body, oxygenate it and put it back every day for a month, alongside a very strict nutritional diet with no sugar and increased nutrients to boost your immune system. Cancer cannot exist without food, it consumes sugar. Cancer cannot exist in an oxygen rich environment; it thrives in an anaerobic environment. So quite simply, remove sugar, increase oxygen and build up the immune system to destroy the cancer. There are no side effects, no loss of hair, no sickness, no months of worry, no surgery and no burns. Why is this system not being accepted and used all over the world?

The only issue I have with this process is what happens after the cancer has been eradicated? The missing part of this cure is the original cause, which still needs to be dealt with, or it may well return. Those are the thoughts, mind sets and imbalances in your energetic system. JK Rowling summed this up very well in her Harry Potter books with the idea of the “Pensive” and stored thoughts in glass jars. It really is just like that, but they are stored in our own auras. If we allow these memories’ to become “viral” they start to affect our health again. To remove those “viral” thoughts you need some form of energetic therapy and Flower Essences do just that. They support the process of changing your mindset to get rid of the thought forms and get you back in balance and health.

As an aside, we all have cancer cells in our bodies, and some of us are more prone to them than others, our immune system is always removing them; it is a constant process, so supporting the effectiveness of our immunity is really important. My recommendation is to eat well all the time as a preventative medicine. We should all be avoiding eating foods that increase our inflammation, as that creates the environment for many dis-eases to thrive, in particular auto-immune illnesses such as diabetes.

So if anyone wants to know how to do it, it is very simple, this way of living is for life…literally.

A) Remove all sugar from your diet, so you literally starve it out. Avoid Chemical Sugar substitutes like Aspartame; they are actually worse for you than the refined sugar! The odd bit of natural sugar like honey is good for you…it helps your immune system, but that doesn’t mean you spread it on everything, and you need to ensure you are buying real honey and not something that has had sugar water added to spin it out . The cost is normally a good guide, if it is too cheap; it is not the real thing.

B) Eat foods and exercise to help oxygenate your blood and system, so eat foods that contain antioxidants and walk or run in the clean fresh air.

C) Eat foods that boost your immune system. Foods like;

Fruit, wide variety and colour, particularly berries, full of antioxidants and their natural sugars don’t react in the body the same way as refined sugars.
Vegetables are really good as they generally have less sugar in them and focus particularly on the cabbage family, as well as;
Sweet potatoes and carrots for the Vitamin A or Beta Carotene.
Mushrooms increase the production of white blood cells, particularly Shiitake, Maitake, and Reishi, don’t worry if you can’t get these, ordinary mushrooms work too.
Natural yogurts (no added sugar) with probiotics.
Oats and barley, contain beta-glucan, a type of fiber with antimicrobial and antioxidant capabilities.
Shellfish which are very high in protein and a good source of Selenium
Oily fish, good for your omega 3 intake.
Garlic, particularly and other members of the onion family contain Allicin which fights bacteria, infection and cancer.
Chicken soup, ideally homemade, with loads of onions and garlic for an extra boost of Allicin.
Beef, Lamb or Pork (ideally organic) as it contains zinc, if you don’t eat red meat it is also found in oysters, spinach, pumpkin and other seeds, cashew nuts, chickpeas, and other beans, it is also my excuse for eating chocolate… it contains Zinc!
Eggs, if you are vegetarian, one of the best ways to get your protein; each whole egg contains 7 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat and 1.6 g of saturated fat, iron, vitamins, one of only a few foods to contain Vit D, minerals and carotenoids which fight disease.
Black or Green tea drink 5 cups a day, it contains the amino acid L-theanine which builds up the virus fighting interferon in you.
Water Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to hydrate your system and swill out the toxins.

Things to avoid:
Processed foods, that include anything that has had some form of intervention in the manufacturing process…sausages, preformed meat like nuggets, ready meals, anything pre-cooked…unless it is Bio, or you have made it yourself and know what is in it.
Never buy a tin, packet or jar of food with ingredients you can’t pronounce, or understand.
If you can afford it buy Bio meat, fruit and vegetables, but I realize this is not always possible, alternatively grow your own vegetables and fruit, some things do not take up much room, so even with a window box you can grow salad and bean sprouts.

To really heal cancer or any other illness, we need to heal those initial triggers, those viral thought forms, or the dis-ease will return.

Please note: I am not offering any cures here, I am not a doctor and do not claim to be. Everyone should do their own research and do what feels right for them personally when they have any form of illness.

Image: Pennyroyal (Flower Essence – for purifying and cleansing negative thoughts)


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