Flower Essences and our Spiritual Development

We are all on a spiritual journey, even if we do not appear to be doing anything about it. My belief is that it is the same thing as our developing “civilisation” really. We see things on the television, or hear it on the radio, sometimes very upsetting things and we form opinions about what we see and hear. Sub-consciously we are developing as individuals and as groups, either local groups in your immediate surroundings, in your country, in a continent, hemisphere or world…some would also say universe.
If we use our own lifetimes as an example, what was acceptable in the 1970’s and 1980’s is no longer acceptable behaviour. We have moved on so to speak. There have been many scandals in recent years and revelations about outrageous behaviour from some very prominent people in banking, politics and the film industry, things like sex scandals, expenses claims, tax avoidance to name but a few. This has an effect on us, has formed opinions in our minds, allowed us to see what is not acceptable anymore, and all the while we are becoming more compassionate, less greedy, more considerate and less power mad human beings on this planet.
This process of “Civilisation” is constantly improving what Carl Jung referred to as the Mass Unconscious, something we are all linked into…all the time and particularly when we dream, day dream and meditate. We are adding our emotions, thoughts, ideas and beliefs into this vast whirling ball of energy, and in return we are getting ideas, thoughts and emotions back from it whenever we are asleep, day dreaming or meditating. It explains why two people with no apparent connections, in different parts of the world, come up with the same idea at the same time.
As we know everything is energy, even scientists have agreed with that now, depending on the vibration of that energy will depend on whether we can see it or not. The lower the vibration or frequency the more you can see it, the higher vibrations or frequencies are unseen by the naked eye. When we work with Flower Essences we are working with a high energy vibration so it is unseen. That is not to say you can’t feel it. When we dowse we are in fact feeling the energy vibration of that essence. As a therapist I feel the clients energy field, something we can all do with practice and some training.
Our Spiritual Journey or development process can be speeded up if you like, so instead of letting the “group civilisation” process to do it by default, we can take control of the process and raise our energetic spiritual vibration so that we are making our Spiritual connection better. This enables us to hear what our “Higher-Self” is saying more clearly, like being able to tune into your radio better…for those of you who can remember the time before digital radios! The reason for doing this is to give you much better guidance so that you can make the right life choices to get and keep you on your life’s’ purpose.
Life’s Purpose, what’s that? I hear you say…from what I have learnt by reading all sorts of things over the years, spending over five years learning about different forms of energetic healing, working in the Akashic records and becoming an ordained Buddhist priest, one’s life purpose is not strictly something set in stone before we are actually born.
My view is that our soul the bit of us that continues to come back and be reborn in a different person over and over again is here to develop and learn new lessons each lifetime. Our souls have specific divine qualities, that do not change for that soul, it is the stuff we are made of, like; Compassion, Creation, Order, Self-Expression, Truth, Wisdom, Power, Love, all souls have all these qualities, but they will be in a different proportional mix. It is that we are born with and our souls specific combination that will produce our unique talents and strengths to help the world in our own way. If we are able to understand what those individual talents are, we will find life moves along easily in a joyous and abundant way.
That may be to make people laugh, feed people, help the environment in some way, and make people feel good. It doesn’t mean we are all destined to be world leaders or gurus, or someone famous, maybe for some, but only a very few. All of us are good at something, Can we write? Can we draw? Make people feel better? Are we good at explaining things? Can we grow things? Can we care for others, or look after animals? It is endless…so really our “Life Purpose” is all about using our talents for the Good, it is more of a way of life attitude, than having to go and earn a living one. This should mean, if we get it right, that what we do brings joy and abundance for us and those around us, we act like beacons of light. If we are really unhappy, the chances are we are not following our life’s purpose or in the right situation to do so…BUT, please do not give up the day job, until you have found a better one, or can afford to do so.
So with this rather long winded explanation, in summery…look at your talents and follow them, the Flower Essences will help and guide you…they will peel back the layers, the consequences of wrong choices you have made over the years, and get you back on track.
When you have got to the point where you have cleared most of the layers of emotional, mental and physical issues and distortions we humans experience, things that keep us from our Life Purpose or Spiritual Path we start to become that “Light Worker” that “Beacon of Light” for Good in this world. We become someone who is heading in the right direction, someone who has found their talents and strengths and is in harmony with their Soul Purpose. It takes many lifetimes to understand this, let alone do it. Very few of us will ever get to the end of that Spiritual Journey…but who knows, maybe there is the odd Buddha in waiting amongst you?


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