Evaluating your Flower Essence selection

This is really where Flower Essences can help you to develop your Spiritual side and help guide you on your Soul Path if you let them. They are not just about healing all our negative traits, they also help us to temper our over exuberance if you like. All Flower Essences have a Positive aspect as well as a Negative one. It is true however that we are normally out of balance in a negative way. We can be negative with several in our selection, and positive in just one. Do not make the mistake of thinking because it is negative it is bad and positive is good, life and flowers don’t work that way…they just see it as out of balance and helping to get you back in alignment. So don’t beat yourself up!
As a Flower Essence Therapist I have used many different producers’ Flower Essences over the years, and have found they have all helped me personally in some way or another. This will be the same for you, whether you are using your own Essences or have bought a selection or range from other producers. It is always a good idea getting at least one set from another producer to start you off, as it does take a while to build up enough essences to give you the range of topics and answers to help yourself.
I started making 7 years ago and have got to about 150 now…that just shows you how long it takes; waiting for the right flowers to shout at you, waiting for that sunny day, realising the flower you need has “gone over” and you will have to wait another year for it to re-emerge. Or being on holiday when the flower you have been waiting all year for blossoms! It can be very frustrating, but that in itself is part of the journey, and I am a great believer in the right flower being there when you need it most. When you have made that number of essences you can start blending and making group essences…but at the moment that process is in the future, if you are prepared to put in the work and time to get there.
Look at the selection of essences your pendulum has helped you choose, try and group them and see if you can see a pattern, or a story going on?…do they all point to one aspect of you? Or are they split by areas of your emotions, checking how far out of alignment they are can all help you see a pattern. See if you can see the message that is in the Essences.
There is always a reason why they will have come up, can you see a connection with how you are currently feeling?, or to the emotions you are coping with at the moment? Are there any links or connections with your dreams, as they are often the way that your sub-conscious is trying to tell your conscious mind something? On that subject it is always a good idea to meditate on the selection and see if your higher-self can explain what the selection was about, either in images, feelings or thoughts. It is a bit like your dreams; you are delving into your sub-conscious for answers.
I find that it is normally pretty obvious what the essences are telling you, just read over the explanations for each one and something normally jumps out at you, and you will see a pattern emerging. When I make selections for other people, there is always a reaction, mostly…wow how did you see that? Very often I get an outpouring of tears from the client, as the flower selection has obviously hit the nail on the head, especially when there is some emotional turmoil, like relationship break ups involved.
Some of the explanations for Essences can be a little brutal; this is where the number of degrees off centre results will guide your responses. See how far off yours are and if they are positive or negative from centre this will guide you to the size of the issue. I always temper my comments and feedback explanations based on how far out someone is from the centre…either positively or negatively. To visualise it, imagine your pendulum as being stationary over the centre of the dart board as in Chapter 6, you would be in balance at that point. If it moves away to the right in a positive direction by 3 degrees, it is only a short way off being centred, so temper your comments and down play the positive issues associated with that essence. Likewise if it moves to the left in a negative direction by 8 degrees, you need to be far more verbal about those issues as it is significantly out of balance. Although I am careful how I explain what is out of balance to a client, I am not really helping them if I am not being honest about what I see is going on. They have come to me to get help, sometimes that help can be quite hard to swallow, so when you are treating friends and family especially, be sensitive about how you explain things.
In order to learn from the essences, we need to take them regularly for 3-4 weeks, as I have explained before, this will re calibrate you to the energy statement of the flower. You may find when you re-dowse in a months’ time, especially if an essence is way off centre, that you still need it, but the degree to which it is off centre should have reduced. Do not panic if it hasn’t, just keep taking the essences and it will eventually reduce and come back into alignment. What we are doing with this process it peeling back the layers of misalignment, like the onion, to get to your core and make sure you are aligned energetically with your centre. This is the healing process this book is about, to make you energetically centred and therefore not in dis-ease. If your energy is clear your physical body will also be clear. This is preventative medicine.
I always view Flower Essences as a preventative form of medicine; however they will always help those who are unwell. If someone has a serious illness like cancer for instance, which is all too common these days, Flower Essences will help to address the energetic underlying emotional or mental cause of it, which has to be solved if a person is to recover. I am sure you have heard it said that the “cancer came back”, I believe this is the reason, we haven’t dealt with the energetic cause. Flower Essences also help heal the physical energetic body and protect it from some forms of invasive treatment. Our spiritual side also needs supporting when we are ill, and it is important for us to rise above what is going on when we are being subjected to tests, operations and the hospital environment in general. Our essences protect us at all levels, so keep taking them!
One thing that also needs to be said, if you make up a selection or prescription for yourself or anyone else, it starts to work energetically when you finish making it, before you or whoever you have made it for physically takes it. They really are little bottles of Flower Magic.


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