Methods for selecting the right Essences

Assessing human energy and establishing which areas of a person are out of balance is not something science has really developed yet. There are some machines, like the Squid Magnetometer that have been developed, and can read energy levels emanating from people, but at this stage in our human development they will not really give you the answers about which Flower Essences your body needs. The exciting part about the research being carried out with the Squid Magnetometer is that scientists are starting to prove what Complementary Therapists have been advocating all the time that if you heal the energy field of a person, you heal the physical body. They have also been doing experiments with Reiki Therapists and reading their energy levels when they are “transferring” to their patients, and are realising that it is a strong as brain waves. But using it as our method to select the right flower essences, at this point in time, it is not going to work.

Dr Bach used his own abilities as an observant doctor to assess a patient and work out which essences they needed, he was an expert in his field, he understood very well what each essence did, but we are not all observant doctors. So for most people, especially when you are starting out, this method is also not going to work.

I have always advocated that the best method to select essences is to use a pendulum to dowse for the right ones. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, we need to take our opinions out of the equation; how do we really know what is going on with our clients, or ourselves come to that! And who are we to judge what a client needs? Secondly, if you are selecting essences for a friend or client, how can you be sure they are telling you everything that is going on in their lives? They might well prefer not to tell you everything, they may well not even understand it all themselves.

So to be totally neutral and unbiased you need to dowse for them “blind” so to speak. I use essence boxes where you cannot see the labels, and when I was buying other producers essences to use in my therapy business I would turn the bottles around so I didn’t see the labels. This may well be something you consider doing initially so that you have a basic set of essences to work with. There are several companies that make Dr. Bach’s range of essences, in the same way he did. That is always a good place to start, as it will give you a recognised, full range of different solutions to treat people. If you buy a full set from some companies, they include a bag or box to keep them in.

If you are dowsing for yourself, first take your pendulum and check you are connected, if you are still practicing, by asking for a yes and then a no. This will help to give you confidence before you start. Then ask your pendulum the following questions;

A) Can I have the “Highest and Finest Guidance” please? Wait for the Yes of your pendulum, then,
B) Is it alright to dowse for my Flower Essences at this time? Wait for the Yes, then,
C) Can the selection be for “My Highest Good, and the Good of All”? Again wait for the Yes.

If you have no to any of the above questions do not carry on at this time. I have never been given a no to any of these questions, so it will be an unusual thing if you do. What you are doing when you through this process is setting your intentions. It is really your intention that dictates the whole process.

If you do ever get a No to any of the above questions, ask yourself if you are proposing to make the selection for the right reasons. Maybe take some time to analyse why you are being asked not to do it at this time. It could be that you are not connecting properly with your higher self and you are getting guidance from something else which is not in your best interests. That subject is a whole new books worth of explanations, but suffice it to say, have another go in a day or so, when you have had a chance to walk in nature, get well-grounded and maybe spend some time meditating to get back in touch with your higher self.

The next step is to touch each of the bottles in turn and ask your pendulum “Do I need this essence?” Initially this can take a while, but you do speed up. My best advice is to manually swing your pendulum into a neutral swinging position between touching each essence. This technique will speed the process up. When you have a lot of essences you can touch a whole row of essences together and ask if you need any of these essences, if no you can just move onto the next row. If Yes you then need to ask each individual bottle as before until you find the one you need…be careful though as sometimes there may be two or even three you need in that row. One point about touching a group of essences in a row or box…you must touch them with your bare skin, ie your hand and arm, it will not register if you touch an essence through your clothing. Every time an essence is selected, put that bottle to one side.

Finally, when you have gone through all the essences you have available, either your own or ones you have purchased, you should have several bottles ready to make up your personal formula. As I have previously covered in Chapter 4, I use brown dropper bottles, these vary in size, but a 30ml dropper bottle makes about 3-4 weeks’ worth of treatment essence, which is the length of time you should take the essences to re-programme your energetic profile.

Take a clean 30ml dropper bottle for your prescription to be made up in, ideally purified in very mild bleach like Milton, or any other product used for babies, making sure it is washed out with clean water, we don’t want to poison anyone! This bottle is referred to as your “Dosage” Bottle. Fill the bottle with mixture of 50% Pure Water and 50% Brandy, leaving space at the top for the drops of your selected essences to go in. Initially I would advise you top up with this Water/Brandy mix at the end of the procedure after the selected essences have been put in the bottle, this stops overfilling and spilling your precious liquid. You also need to have a new Treatment Sheet to record your results, see the sample one at the back of this book.

Then you dowse each essence selected in turn to see how much of the stock essence is required in the Dosage Bottle. To do this take the first selected bottle in your left hand (or the other way around if you are left handed) and with your right hand dowse over the bottle and ask “How many drops do I need?” start counting “one, two ,three, four…and see when the pendulum changes from either no or neutral to yes. Put that number of drops in the Dosage bottle. It shouldn’t be more than ten drops per selected essence. Write down it’s name and number of drops on your Treatment Sheet so that you can evaluate what is going on later.

Whilst still holding the first essence stock bottle, you should also ask “Is this in the Positive?” if no, ask “or Negative?”, note that down. Next ask “How many “Degrees” out of balance are you?”, and again start to count “one, two , three…and again wait to see when the pendulum changes to yes. Put that number on your form, this will assist with your evaluation later by indicating how severe a problem you are having with this Flower Essences energetic statement, in either a positive or negative way. Or in other words, it is giving you an idea of how far away from being centred you are from this essences point of view. You can make it clear when you ask this question of your pendulum that you want to use a scale of between 1 hardly out of balance to 10 which is way off balance. I say this as you may otherwise end up with very high numbers that will take you all day to get to, because you are then getting the degree scale that your higher self is working to universally, and you have no idea about. Then move on to the next essence and repeat the process.

Having put the correct number of drops from each of the selected Stock bottle into your Dosage bottle and added the Water and Brandy if you haven’t done so already, close the bottle tightly and shake it to mix the contents. Hold the bottle in your left hand, dowsing with your right hand, and ask “How many drops do I need to take?” note that down and then ask “How many times a day?” and note that. You also need to know if you can take them like a first aid remedy, ie when you feel you need to take them for their support, so ask “Can these essences be used as a First Aid remedy?” and note that down.

You should have a list of what all the essences you have made do by this stage, and if you have purchased other producers essences, there should be guidance as to what they are for with them. If you get a set of Dr. Bach’s remedies from one of the recognised producers, there meaning will be similar across all businesses. The next thing to do is write a brief explanation or description of the essences properties alongside each essence selected on the Treatment Sheet, as this will help you to understand what is going on. And finally…take your first dose of Flower Essences personalised to you, however many drops it is under your tongue.

As you get more proficient at selecting essences for yourself, you can make up personalised selections for your friends and family. Always start with people who will give you friendly advice and help you build your confidence. The process is exactly the same as above, but with a few minor changes.

Always be in the same room with the person you are making the essences for, you need their permission to make them for a start. But, critically you need to tune into their energy field, and be sure that you are making up an essence selection for them and not you!

So sit your friend or family member down and explain what you are going to do. Hold their hands and in your mind ask your “higher-self” to connect to this person so that you can make their essence selection. Take your time, don’t rush in your haste to make the essence, this connection is important. When you feel calm and centred yourself, let go of their hands and pick up your pendulum and ask;

A) Can I have the “Highest and Finest Guidance” please? Wait for the Yes of your pendulum, then,
B) Can I do (insert your friends name) Flower Essences at this time? Wait for the Yes, then,
C) Can the selection be for “Their Highest Good, and the Good of All”? Again wait for the Yes.

Then remembering that your intention needs to be set to selecting essences for your friend, carry on with the same method as for yourself, by asking in your head, not out loud, each essence or row of essences in turn “Does (your friends name) need this or these essences?

Again when you have your selected essences, proceed as above, asking how many drops of each essence are required, is it positive or negative and how many degrees out of centre they are with each one. Then work out how many drops, how many times a day and whether it can be used as a First Aid remedy.

At the end you should have a Treatment Sheet listing each essence, the number of drops and how far out of alignment they are. You will also have the brief explanation of each essence noted. I always combine a quick reference of what each selected essence does on the Treatment sheet so it is easy to refer back to later, and helps you to learn what each essence does.

The sheet should have your friends name and the date on it so next time you do your friends essences, you can start to get a picture of what is going on. Just copy the Treatment Sheet at the back of this book to help you get started. I suggest you keep a copy of the sheet for every treatment you do, including yourself, when you look back, it really does help you to see how far you have come. You can always do a copy of it for your friend, as they are bound to be interested in what has come up. Then make sure they take their first dose and explain about taking them under the tongue, without touching the dropper to prevent contamination.

As a foot note; This is the first stage of doing this work, when you become more competent and with further training this process can be achieved remotely, as energy can be tuned into, so to speak, like a radio wave, anywhere in the World, or Universe, come to that.


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