Using a Pendulum to Dowse

If you have never dowsed with a pendulum before, here is a quick guide;

Firstly, you need to get yourself a pendulum. It is an instrument that is going to amplify answers that you ask your higher- self. To start with buy one that is going to help you get clear and loud answers, so my advice is to get a crystal quartz one. Alternatively get a metal one, brass or copper normally, as the weight sometimes helps people to be able to dowse. The shape also varies and I find that a pointed one makes it easier to see what is going on.

Initially you need to programme your pendulum; and to do that you wash it in clean salty water to remove anyone else’s imprint on it. If it is a crystal, it is best left in the sunshine for a few hours to charge it up…a bit like a battery.

When you are ready to start, sit on a chair next to a dining table, or similar, with both feet firmly planted on the floor, and with your back straight, this is to ensure you are well grounded and have equal connection with your left and right side to the earth. This is important to get true readings. Then ask, in your head, for the “highest and finest answers, for the good of all and harm of none, and for my highest good”. This is to establish your connection with your higher self and to ensure that is who you are communicating with.

You then need to hold the chain or cord about 4 inches above the pendulum itself between your thumb and first finger in a downward pinching action. Let the pendulum settle until still, then ask it to “give you a YES”. Repeat this procedure and ask it to “give you a NO”. A pendulum will either move in a circular movement to the right or to the left either direction could mean yes or no, or it will go forward and backwards or left to right, again either could be a yes or no.

You need to do this several times a day over a week to really programme your pendulum, and for you to be confident using it. By then you will be really clear about what a YES and a NO look like.

With your pendulum you can ask your higher-self anything, as long as the answer is going to be a yes or no answer. A pendulum will give a “don’t know” if it is something that it cannot answer at that time. And it will swing differently to your Yes and No answers.

You really need to trust your answers from your higher-self and if you have self-doubt, so will your higher-self. So don’t keep asking the same question hoping to get a different answer, because you will! Then you will be none the wiser as you will start to question if the first or second answer was right!

I find that if I am getting odd answers sometimes, I need to ask the Universe again for “the Highest and Finest” answers please. I believe the confusion can sometimes be caused by your guides disagreeing with what you are asking your higher-self and them trying to intervene. Ultimately it is your intention that is governing what is happening spiritually and energetically, so, if your intention is pure and from a good place so will the answers be pure and from a good and safe place. If you are in any doubt always repeat the question first when dowsing….”Can I have the Highest and Finest answers please?” It is a good habit to get into at the beginning.

The other reason it may not work properly is because you are not totally focused on what you are asking…and you are not in the here and now. You should never use your pendulum for egotistical reasons, in my experience it will not work, it can really only be used for the good of others or yourself.

If you are trying to identify a correct answer by dowsing on a list, as in the case in wanting to know which Chakra your essence relates to, just use your left index finger to point at the answers and ask the pendulum which is being held in the right hand (swap around if you are left handed) which is the correct answer…ie “is it the Base Chakra?” and so on. This principal can work for many things. You can also point at pictures to get answers or which foods you can eat, very useful if you have food intolerances.

There are many books on the subject of dowsing if you wish to take it further, but ultimately you need to practice.


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