Understanding what a Flower Essence does…part 2

So following on from the Part 1 Blog…and continuing the form we started there, the next headings are as follows;

Chakra/s it relates to: (Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown) This can be more than one.

Bodies it relates to: (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual)

Auras it relates to: (Physical, Etheric, Vital, Astral, Lower Mental, Higher Mental & Spiritual)

How do you know which of these headings your essence refers to I hear you ask…

This is where you need to get in touch with your inner self and start to dowse for the answers. I will explain how to do that later for those of you who have never done it. If you know how to do it, just put your finger on each Chakra name and ask “Does this essence work on the Base Chakra?” …the Sacral Chakra”…and so on, until you get a yes. Same applies to the Bodies.

The last two headings for your form are;

Meditation Notes: (for noting your experiences when meditating on the essence)

Description of what it does: (Your understanding of what the essence does)

So the next process is to meditate on your essence. To do that you need to physically take some, by dropping 3 or 4 drops under your tongue, this is the quickest way to get it into your system, then sit quietly and meditate on it. If you close your eyes and focus on the essence, try to see the flower in your mind and actually holding the bottle as well. Make sure you are somewhere you will not be disturbed; your feet are firmly on the ground, not cross-legged, ie well-grounded for those who understand that term. See if you can feel connected to your spiritual “higher self” and just ask the question in your head, “What is this essence for?” You can alter the question, but keep it simple; you will struggle to understand the answer to a complicated question. There is no right or wrong way to do this, I do not always do it the same way myself every time. You may prefer to do it before you add the brandy and even when the essence still has the flowers in the water, but just spend some time to see what comes to you. It may be a feeling, it may be words that pop into your head, or you may hear voices or see images. Just write down everything you experience, however insignificant it may feel, on your form.

I found this process took me ages initially, probably because you are trying too hard, but as you get more experienced it does get easier and messages come quicker and in a form you can understand. I am quite sure our higher self and spirit guides up there are telling us immediately what the essence does, we normally just don’t understand the language. This is really all part of us developing what some people call our sixth sense.

Having meditated, you then need to pull together all the facts you have; which Chakra is involved will help you with the concept you are dealing with, and the Body will tell you which aspect of you is affected. Then you need to see if you can interpret your meditation together with the Chakra and Body information.

By way of an example; if the Chakra is the “Heart” and the Body is “Emotional”, you know it is to do with love or some relationship issue. You need to then combine that with your mediation findings. You can dowse by asking questions like “is it to do with Love?”  Then at least you get a conformation or not. You just need to use your imagination and keep asking questions until you are happy you know what it is about.

Another thing to do is to think about how you were feeling when you were drawn to the flower in the first place…what emotions where going on inside you?  Are you going through an emotional crisis of some sort? It is very likely that the reason you selected that plant is because you need it at this moment for some reason…so go through everything that is going on in your world. I have found and increasingly find, probably because I am a Therapist, that I make an essence and then require it for someone else in a few days’ time. It can be quite spooky how the Universe works sometimes!

Discovering what an essence does, takes practice; you do get better as time goes on. These techniques can be learnt, some of us do it instinctively, without realising what we are doing, and others are born with the abilities that allow us to connect to our higher selves really effectively and channel information, like psychic’s, for instance. But do not despair; everyone can do it, just keep practicing…


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