Understanding what a Flower Essence does – Part 1

Having made your essence, the next job it to establish what it does, how it will help to re-balance and heal us. I will go through this process stage by stage and it helps if you document it for future information, so will also explain that as we go.

I suggest you create a standard form which you fill in for each essence, so you create something that you can digitise later and use as a data base, especially if you become a serious producer. The basic things you need to know first are;

Flower/Plant common name: The name you refer to and know the plant as.
Latin Name: The correct scientific name to save any confusion over which plant it is.
Date of making Essence:
Place where Flowers were found: Note where it was found for future reference, should you want to repeat the essence.
Colour(s) of Flower: List the colour/s by order of amount, largest first

Then you need to start the process of understanding what it does. In order for us to do this it helps to establish which Chakras, Energetic Bodies and Auric layers it relates to. For those of you who are not familiar with these terms, here is a brief explanation;

Whatever your belief system there is no disputing the scientific evidence that we are energy beings and that we can only see the parts of us that are energetically vibrating at the right density to appear solid. We are in fact much bigger than the bit we see. Our auras, which are part of us, are egg shaped energy layers that surrounds and protects us. I am sure you have heard people say that “you are in my space” well they are in fact too close, and are in the persons aura. The aura in not a fixed shape, it is fluid, it increased and decreases with our thoughts, feelings and spiritual endeavours as well as our state of health. The aura normally extends 2-4 feet around us, it extends below us into the earth which grounds us, and up above us to link with our “higher-self”. The aura can be increased by meditation, astral travelling, journeying, dream states and increasing your link to your higher-self. Your aura can also become undefined and what I would call “leaking”, this is when someone is not clearly defined and is effectively spilling their energy everywhere and very draining for the individual. In this case an individual needs to learn to contain their energy, and reduce their aura.

The layers within our Aura are linked to us physically via our Chakras, which are energy centres, there are 7 main ones in our bodies, but there are many smaller ones. The transference between our physical bodies and our Auras is purely a change in frequency or the rate of vibration, which is the term normally used in the kind of work. The Chakras are like little tornados they swirl around to the front and back of us and transfer energetic thoughts, physical feelings, and emotional states in and out of the Aura to and from the Physical Body as we know it. Old patterns of physical pain, emotional turmoil, mental stresses and strains can be held in the Aura, and can come back into the body to resurface at any point when triggered by something in our lives. Energetic healing is really all about clearing those old patterns, and any new ones we are living at that moment.

When we discover the Chakra or Chakras that relate to our flower essence, we are starting to identify which area of help the essence will be working on. There are also further Chakras within our auras, above and below us.

We also need to establish which Body or Bodies are being affected by the essence; Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. These are really how we categorise our physical well-being, thoughts and mental state, emotions and feelings and our spiritual development. Again these will help us to work out what the essence does.

If you want to get more technical you can ask which Auric layer it relates to. There are many different references to the names of these layers, but essentially they relate to the Chakras, starting with the more physical heavier density layers through the emotional layers to the mental and finally higher and lighter vibrational layers of Spirit. You will be able to assess the essence by knowing the Chakra, the Auric layers are not essential initially, but are very useful for more advanced energy work.


Auras working from the body outwards, and Chakras in Brackets from the bottom of your spine to the top of your head;

Physical Auric Body – Physical sensations. Simple physical comfort, pleasure, health.(Base Chakra)
Etheric Auric Body – Emotions with respect to self. Self-acceptance and self-love.  (Sacral Chakra)
Vital Auric Body – Rational mind. To understand clearly, in a linear & rational way. (Solar Plexus)
Emotional Body – Relations with others. Loving interaction with friends and family.(Heart)
Lower Mental Auric Body – Divine will within, commitment to speak and follow your truth. (Throat)
Higher Mental Auric Body – Divine love. Spiritual ecstasy. (Third Eye)
Spiritual Body – Divine mind, serenity. Connection to divine or greater universal force. (Crown)

See Part 2 later…

Featured Image is Fleabane


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