Making Flower Essences by the Sun Method

I use what is called the sun method to make essences, but you can make some essences by a boiling method. This can be useful when there is little sun about…more on that later.

However, the sun method is very simple, but there are a few important points. It is as described utilising the suns power to transfer the flower/plants energy into the water.  

Firstly you need to take a thin shallow glass bowl or large wine glass and fill it with either natural spring water from a safe and tested source, or filtered water from a domestic supply that removes all traces of chlorine, metals impurities etc., leave a free centimetre at the top of the bowl or glass for the flowers to be added. Paying particular attention to cleanliness of the glass vessel, your hands and anything that comes into contact with the water. I always dowse this and ask if this is OK before I proceed. We will cover how to dowse later. 

Having made your choice of Flower you must try to avoid touching them as you will be affecting their energy. Only take the best and most perfect specimens, no holes nibbled by insects, or flowers that are past their best, only the young fresh flowers, just opened blooms are what you are looking for, before the insects have taken all the nectar and pollen. Carefully cut the flowers off with a pair of sharp (and clean) scissors, letting them fall into the water. Cover the surface of the water with flowers. Place the bowl in a safe place nearby, away from pets, dust, people and anything else that might contaminate the essence. It needs to be in full and ideally uninterrupted sunshine, ie cloudless sky. Please bear in mind that the source of your flowers should come from a place well away from anything that may contaminate the plant, like a road, built up area, nuclear power station… 

The “energy transference” process can take from a couple of hours to all day, depending on the flower. The more delicate the flower, generally the quicker it takes. The more waxy flowers take a lot longer. I always check occasionally with a pendulum. The secret is to look for the little bubbles on the glass, which indicate when it is ready. Some people throw away essences that have had clouds going over the essence, my view is that as long as it is a hot and sunny day, a few clouds will not make much difference. I have not had an essence that has said it is not OK when dowsed, but I do make sure that I make them on a sunny day, quite an easy thing to do living here in the Dordogne, not so easy in the UK. 

Having made the essence, the flowers need to be removed, this can be done with a clean spoon, and some people use a twig or leaf from the plant. The now rather mushy flowers should be blessed and thanked for their part in making your essence, then returned to the ground. The precious water now needs to be mixed with a good quality (40% by volume Alcohol) Brandy at a ratio of 50:50 equal parts, then bottled in clean sterilised and sealed bottles. I use dropper bottles, which come in different sizes and will allow you to remove small amounts when you want to.

Make sure you label your essence with the flower that it came from, date, the fact it is a mother essence.  I also take a picture of the flower as a reference; this can be done before you pick them, or when they are in the glass bowl. 

Now the fun begins; you have to work out what it does.

Image of Pink Jasmine Essence

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