How Flower Essences Work

cropped-giant-rudbekia.jpgFlower Essences are little bottles of plant energy in a solution of pure water which acts like a memory stick and alcohol which preserves the water. When used they impart that energy and rebalance the appropriate aspects of that particular flower within the person, child or animal it has been used on.

There are several factors that allow this to happen; humans and animals have a very high water content; so the essences disperse instantly in the physical body when taken orally, then they emanate outwards into our aura, if sprayed or dropped on, they are absorbed through our aura and then internalised. Essences are natural products and we are in affect tapping into one of nature’s ways to help and heal us.

We hold our emotions, thoughts and spiritual connections within our auras, so the re-balancing or healing process is immediate. The only problem with this process is that our minds and bodies have other ideas, and will revert to their self-destructive ways if not continually reminded to change over a period of time. This normally takes about three to four weeks, scientifically to re- pattern the mind it is deemed to be 21 days.

We will come on to how to select the essences later, but our bodies present a picture if you like, that paints the state it is in at the moment of selecting the essences. The essences chosen at that point in time will relate to this image, once the essences have been used for a period of 3-4 weeks other snap-shot needs to be taken and another selection of essences made. I was always told you are peeling away the layers of the onion to get to the core of who you really are. This process can be quite intense initially and very enlightening.

The process of using essences to heal and re-balance works like a pendulum, it brings you back to your centre, your core self. When we are unwell or have diseases, I am sure you have heard that there is always an emotional or mental reason behind it; Louise Hay made it her life’s work explaining this to us in her books “You can Heal your Life” and “Heal your Body”. She lists each part of the body and the likely cause of dis-ease. If you can imagine that the out of balance aspects of you are the stresses and strains of life these are what cause dis-ease if left unchecked. Flower Essences are a preventative form of energy healing, by removing those spikes of negativity within you and if used regularly prevent those spikes from becoming dis-ease.

I really need to explain a bit about water for those of you who have not come across a very clever man called Dr Masaru Emoto. He proved water held a memory by freezing it and making water crystals from different “programmed” waters. He used contrasting messages from blessed water to dirty water, water with different phases repeated, water with music played to it…and the results were astounding. Interestingly, as we know all snowflakes are different, but with repeated experiments of the same phrase, the crystals were of a similar shape. He has produced many books which are well worth reading and for looking at the wonderful images, but the book which explains his theory is “The Hidden Messages in Water”.

My belief is that Dr Emoto’s work validates Flower Essences as a serious for of energy healing, and as we learn more about how our energy systems work they will become a mainstream form of medicine. The days when you reach for your small bottle of plant energy to prevent illness rather than the chemical pills to hide the symptoms are coming ever closer!


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